Quinnipiac University Releases Comprehensive Polling on 2016

Quinnipiac University released a poll Thursday that looked at the House, Senate, and White House. Nationally, Republicans hold the lead in generic polling for the House and Senate by two percentage points. However, their lead is within the margin-of-error.

Donald Trump continues to lead Republicans nationally. In this poll, Trump garners 20% while Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) moves into second with 13%. Former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) is in third with 10%. Those three candidates are the only ones with double-digit support.

This is yet another poll that shows Governor John Kasich (R-OH) has experienced a bump since announcing his presidential run. He is now up to 5% nationally and it seems increasingly likely that he will make the first Republican debate in August.

Trump also won another poll, candidates that Republicans will not support. 30% of Republicans said they would not back the businessman’s presidential run. 15% said they would not support Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ). Most of his opposition comes from Republicans who identify as very conservative. 14% were also opposed to Bush’s candidacy. As with Christie, the opposition lies with conservative Republicans.

Quinnipiac also polled Democrats nationally. Hillary Clinton continues to lead with over 50% support. Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is in second with 17% and Vice President Biden, who has not yet announced his intentions, is in third with 13%. All other candidates register with 1% or do not register at all.

Clinton’s trustworthy and favor ability numbers continue to be underwater. 57% of Americans feel she is not trustworthy, whereas 33% find her trustworthy. 40% view her favorably, compared to 51% who view her unfavorably. These are the worst numbers that Quinnipiac has found for Hillary. When it comes to caring about voters’ needs, Clinton also suffers, although the margin is closer. 52% feel she does not care about their needs, while 45% say she does.

The numbers are not better for the Republican frontrunner. Trump has the worst favor ability numbers and is underwater on trustworthiness and caring about voters’ needs.

Quinnipiac polled Americans on what the most important quality is for presidential candidates. 37% said the top quality is trustworthiness and honesty, 33% are looking for a candidate who cares about their needs, and 26% want a strong leader.

The University also tested the top three Democrats and Republicans against each other.

While Clinton beats Trump by twelve points, the other results are not as good for the Democratic frontrunner. She loses to both Walker and Bush, although the results are within the margin-of-error.

Biden also defeats Trump by twelve percentage points, but he does defeat Bush. However, his victory over Bush is within the margin-of-error. He is tied with Walker at 43% each.

Among Democrats, Sanders is the weakest general election nominee. He beats Trump by eight percentage points, but loses to both Walker and Bush. He loses to the two Republicans by five percentage points.

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