Jake Tapper Asks Donald Trump to Not Punish Des Moines Register Reporters

fourth estate newFollowing the release of favorable poll numbers today, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump called into CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday. Host Jake Tapper asked Trump his reaction to the numbers and the latest news involving Hillary Clinton.

As the interview was wrapping up, Tapper brought up the plight of the Des Moines Register reporters. Following the newspaper’s editorial board calling on Trump to withdraw, the campaign started disallowing the reporters to get press passes. The campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was honest and direct that they were punishing the reporters due to the op-ed. However, reporters have no connection to the editorial board and what it writes.

The Des Moines Register is Iowa’s largest newspaper and its political coverage is followed by election junkies every four years with the crucial Iowa caucus.

Trump blasted the paper on Twitter and called it “ultra liberal” and said “they lie.”

He struck a similar note on State of the Union after Tapper asked him to reconsider his punishment of the reporters. “I would just, as a fellow reporter, like to make a plea for my brothers and sisters who are journalists, if you could not hold them responsible for what the editorial writers write, that would be great,” Tapper said.

After attacking the paper more, Trump said, ” But I agree with you. That’s called a little bit of the freedom of the press thing.” Trump then explained the reporters were free to attend the events, just with the general audience and not with the press. Press areas typically have outlets and/or more space for the working journalists. Finally, he said, “But I understand what you’re saying.”

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