Dennis Rodman Endorses Donald Trump

road to the white houseFormer basketball player and pretend Ambassador to North Korea Dennis Rodman announced that he is endorsing Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He announced the endorsement on Twitter:

Also on Twitter, Trump responded and thanked Rodman for his support.

While it is easy to dismiss Rodman’s endorsement, his tweet does hit on a crucial element of Trump’s support. Rodman tweets, “We don’t need another politician…” That same attitude has been felt by many Americans who see Trump and his blunt style as refreshing. Trump regularly attacks career politicians and says that they do little. When he announced a hotline for veterans, the press release said that Trump would be able to efficiently address the veterans’ issues because he is a businessman.

Rodman appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice, but was the fifth celebrity fired out of sixteen.

Rodman is also well known for his experience in international relations. He has travelled to North Korea and called the nation’s dictator, Kim Jong-Un, a “friend.” The five time NBA champ also said that President Obama should call Kim Jong-Un.

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