FAA Removes Trump-Related Navigation Codes

Another hit to Donald Trump has come in the aftermath of his comments calling Latino immigrants “rapists.” Business partners like Macy’s and NBC have cut ties with him and now the Federal Aviation Association says that they will remove three Donald Trump-related navigation codes. The codes are “DONLD,” “TRUMP,” and “UFIRD.”

The three codes were associated with the Palm Beach International Airport and were named by a since-retired air traffic controller who is a fan of Trump.

FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown told the New York Times, “In general, the FAA chooses names that are noncontroversial.”

However, Trump dismissed the change, “‘Making America Great Again’ is far more important to me than an honor I never knew I had … meaning a blip on the radar.” Although, Trump did know about the codes and had spoken about them with The Palm Beach Post.

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