New York Times Reveals Jeb Bush Registered to Vote as Latino

The New York Times reported today that former Governor Jeb Bush, a likely 2016 candidate, registered to vote in Florida as a Hispanic. Bush is white, although his wife and children are Latino.

While Governor Bush is part of a political dynasty with roots in Texas and Conneticut, he has been very active within the Latino community. Bush speaks fluent Spanish and often has campaign materials bilingual. Bush was governor of Florida, a state with a large and politically active Hispanic population.

Bush also spent two years in his twenties living in Venezuala. Politically, Bush has also tried to assimilate with the Hispanic population. He is seen as a moderate on immigration reform. Univision called him a “Hispanic candidate” earlier in the year.

Bush laughed off the mistake on Twitter today after his son tweeted him about it. His son included the hashtag, #HonoraryLatino.

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