Paul Ryan Leading Hillary Clinton in 2016 Preliminaries

ryanIn the 2012 presidential election, Larry King hosted a mock debate for Funny or Die and Yahoo that featured actors playing the Republican candidates. At one point, King says that the only reason the candidates are running is to promote their books. While it was meant as a joke, most candidates put out a book prior to their run as a way to show their potential platform and gauge their support. The media, too, looks at book sales as an indicator of support that candidates have.

Rep. Paul Ryan has released a new book, The Way Forward, and has gone on a nationwide tour to promote it. Now, Ryan’s book will appear at slot 5 on The New York Times which is one ahead of Hillary Clinton and her book, Hard Choices. However when comparing first week sales, Clinton had roughly seven-times the sales, roughly 85,000 to 12,000.

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