2016 Democratic Primary Comes to Netroots Nation

20140717-221801-80281748.jpgLiberal activists and bloggers have converged in Detroit for the annual Netroots Nation. The event is the closest thing to the left’s version of CPAC, an important gathering of conservatives. This year, the 2016 Democratic primary is informally beginning. The three main potential candidates, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Vice President Joe Biden, will all be represented, either through supporters or a personal appearance, or both. Elizabeth Warren will appear Friday as supporters of a newly-created grassroots group urge her to run for President in 2016. Vice President Biden delivered the keynote address on Thursday and stressed his liberal credentials. Many have viewed the Vice President’s recent actions as he may try to run to the left of Secretary Clinton in 2016. The Secretary will also be represented at the convention through the Ready for Hillary group. The group is also a premier sponsor of the event.

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