Mitt Romney Does It

For the days leading up to Michigan, the state seemed to be a toss-up. This is in comparison with Arizona, which was going easily for Mitt Romney. Ultimately Mitt Romney was the projected winner in both states. Mitt Romney had been losing in the polls to Rick Santorum, however the last poll was a statistical tie. So, Mitt Romney technically had an upset. Michigan was being looked at because it was Mitt Romney’s homestate. Mitt Romney’s father was an auto executive and governor in the state. Earlier on, Mitt Romney was struggling in the polls due to the momentum coming from Rick Santorum’s trifecta.

Of course, there is another person in this race. Rick Santorum placed second in each state. However, he is claiming victory, arguing that Mitt Romney should have won Michigan hands-down. In the late few days before the primary, Rick Santorum began targeting Democrats in Michigan. But, polls show that about 1/3 Democrats voted for Mitt Romney. Many analysts say that Rick Santorum’s fall can be rooted back to the debate last week.

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