msnbc Announces Election Night Coverage with Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews

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MSNBC will present live coverage of the 2014 midterm elections on Tuesday, November 4, beginning at 6 p.m. ET.  “Vote 2014!” will be anchored by Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews, who will be joined by Steve Kornacki as he tracks the breaking results and data throughout the night.  Chuck Todd, Jose Díaz-Balart, Chris Hayes, Andrea Mitchell, Reverend Al Sharpton, and Kasie Hunt will also be on-hand to share their insights and observations as the polls close.


MSNBC will head to key battleground states, including Ed Schultz live from Florida and Lawrence O’Donnell from Kansas, to hear from voters and candidates across the country.  Joy Reid, Melissa Harris-Perry, Alex Wagner, Luke Russert, and Perry Bacon, will also report from close races including Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, and Kentucky.


Additionally, Tamron Hall will share exit poll results, and MSNBC contributors Steve Schmidt and Robert Gibbs will weigh in on campaign strategies.    MSNBC Contributors Maria Teresa Kumar and Michael Steele will also play a role in the night’s coverage.


Beginning at 10 p.m. ET, Ari Melber and Krystal Ball will host “Digital Decision 2014” and provide an in-depth analysis of election night on  They will be checking in with MSNBC reporters and political experts from around the country while also interacting with viewers by answering questions and responding to comments in real time.


On the digital front, key MSNBC reporters will provide breaking news for both and the network throughout the night, including Benjy Sarlin in Colorado; Suzy Khimm in Georgia; Trymaine Lee in Ferguson, Missouri; Alex Seitz-Wald in Iowa; Irin Carmon in Kentucky; Meredith Clark in Wisconsin; Aliyah Frumin in Florida; and Amanda Sakuma in North Carolina.


Leading up to election night, MSNBC will ask both hosts and viewers to share why voting is important to them through social media at #msnbcVote. MSNBC hosts will also participate in live Twitter chats throughout the week to answer viewers’ questions about the voting issues that matter most to them and predictions for election night.  For a full schedule of chats and continuous election updates,


Cory Gnazzo and Court Harson are Executive Producers of the coverage.

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