NRSC Releases Game to Take Back Senate

Image via Screenshot

Image via Screenshot

The National Republican Senate Committee has released a new game, Giopi: (pronounced GOP) Mission Majority. The game is a Mario-like platformer where the player is an elephant, wearing what appears to be gym clothes and a sweatband, jumps around to capture keys. Where Mario has Goombas and Koopa Troopas, Giopi has Mudslingers and Taxers. When the player jumps on and defeats the Mudslingers and Taxers, a soundbite plays. Often, they are Democratic gaffes, such as President Obama’s “You didn’t build that” or Rep. Bruce Braley’s comment that during the shutdown, “There’s no towel service.” There are four levels in the game and the final level has the player activate six switches (the amount of seats that have to switch Republican in order for the GOP to take the Senate majority) to win. When the fifth switch is activated, a screen comes up saying that Joe Biden is in charge of the Senate and asks if the player would like to keep going. The game is an effort to raise support for the 2014 Senate efforts, with Gopoi being one of the party’s best volunteers. The game also asks the player for donations.


The game is available here, however it does require an email or the user to sign with a Google or Facebook account.

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