Tom Wolf Wins PA Democratic Primary, Sets Up Battle of Toms

election centerBusinessman Tom Wolf won the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania. Wolf beat three other Democrats, Rep. Allyson Schwartz, state treasurer Rob McCord, and former Environmental Secretary Katie McGinty. Rep. Schwartz, who gave up a safe seat in the House for her run, was the initial frontrunner. Polls before she jumped in showed her with a strong lead, and she maintained it for awhile. However, Wolf used some of his personal fortune to get on the airwaves with advertisements increasing name recognition. The ads led to Wolf surging in the polls which also caused other candidates to drop out.

In recent weeks, all candidates, including Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, turned their sights on Tom Wolf. Democrats attacked him in an effort to take the lead and the Corbett campaign attacked him, seeing him as the eventual nominee.

Wolf’s running mate is not available at press time. At the time of writing, Mike Stack and Mark Critz were battling it out for the Lieutenant Governor nomination. Stack is currently in the lead, however, votes from Critz’s home area of Western Pennsylvania were not available.

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