Bernie Sanders Backs Wasserman Schultz Primary Challenger

election center grayPresidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) has publicly endorsed Democratic National Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s opponent, Tim Canova. “Well, clearly, I favor her opponent,” he told CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday. “His views are much closer to mine than as to Wasserman Schultz’s,” he told Jake Tapper.

Wasserman Schultz said in a statement, “Even though Senator Sanders has endorsed my opponent, I remain, as I have been from the beginning, neutral in the presidential Democratic primary. I look forward to working together with him for Democratic victories in the fall.”

Sanders and his allies have accused Wasserman Schultz of favoring former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They have also taken aim at elements of the Democratic nomination process, including the use of superdelegates and closed primaries.

Sanders will also begin fundraising for Canova in his bid against Wasserman Schultz. Their primary will be held August 30. The Sanders campaign also offers the ability to split a $2.70 donation to both campaigns. Kenneth Pennington, Sanders’s digital director, tweeted that “This week he’ll be fundraising for a dozen or more deserving candidates. Stay tuned!”

Sanders has endorsed other candidates, such as Lucy Flores who is running for Nevada’s Fourth Congressional District. Sanders’s support of other candidates down ticket is a test on what impact his “political revolution” will actually have after Sanders. If his supporters are able to get favorable candidates elected, the Democratic Party will be shaped by Sanders long after he is gone.

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