Rep. Donna Edwards Jumps into Maryland Senate Race

election center grayRep. Donna Edwards (D) has announced that she will run for the open Senate seat in Maryland. She is the second Democrat to announce a candidacy, after fellow Rep. Chris Van Hollen. Many progressive advocacy groups had been calling for Edwards to run and she reached out to in particular after she made the announcement. She sent a statement to the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America saying, “Thank you to all the PCCC and DFA members who urged me to run. You showed me the type of grassroots support I can count on. I’m in! Together, we will make this a people-powered campaign about bold progressive issues.” The Daily Kos also sent an email to readers about Edwards and urged them to support her. Progressive groups see Edwards as an Elizabeth Warren-type politician, who will fight for liberal causes.

Van Hollen has already started to gain support from the establishment wing of the party, such as Majority Leader Harry Reid. This fight is shaping up to be outside progressive groups vs the establishment.

The open Senate seat was caused by the retirement of Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD). Maryland’s Senate seat is considered safe Democrat, but the state did elect a Republican governor in November.

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