Final Poll Shows Markey Ahead

ma senateThe final poll of the Massachusetts special election for Senate shows Rep. Ed Markey leading Republican political newcomer Gabriel Gomez by ten percentage points. The poll from Suffolk University has Democrat Rep. Ed Markey with 52% as opposed to political newcomer Republican Gabriel Gomez’s 42%. 500 likely voters were polled from June 19 through June 22. This latest poll is a bad reversal for Gomez, as Markey’s lead is back in the double-digits. There were some polls recently that showed Gabriel Gomez within single digits on the congressman. However, there are two bad signs for Gomez. One, the election is tomorrow which leaves little room for a major turnaround that Gomez needs. The second is that there are still no polls showing him ahead. While single digits is great for a Republican in a state as blue as Massachusetts, Gomez has not had a single poll show him ahead. However, there is one thing working towards Gomez’s favor. The state’s Secretary of State said that he estimates record low turnout for the primary. The lower the turnout, the less Democrats there were, goes traditional political analysis. Republicans are more likely to get out to vote. So Gomez should be hoping that few people get to the polls tomorrow, it may be his only way of winning.

Remember, TKNN will have special live coverage of the special election in Massachusetts tomorrow night. Coverage begins at 7 o’clock EST. Join Tyler and the rest of the Internet’s Best Political Team.

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