Is Claire McCaskill Beating Rep. Akin

The latest poll from Rasmussen shows Sen. Claire McCaskill beating Republican challenger Rep. Todd Akin by ten percentage points. Both sides have dismissed the poll, with Akin supporters saying it was made to get Rep. Akin to withdraw. Sen. McCaskill has said that the poll was ridiculous. Many of the polls since the controversy have been criticized of trying to get certain things done, such as getting Rep. Akin to stay in or drop out. Rep. Akin is currently in Tampa meeting with advisors and donors about his Senate bid, he has until September 25 to drop out of the race. While many Republicans have been blasting Rep. Akin, he has been pointing out that Mike Huckabee has his back. Rep. Akin has been appearing on Mike Huckabee’s radio show, and lists him as an endorser.

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