Americans Elect Shuts Down

The online political party, Americans Elect, has decided to shut down. A statement was released on their website. Their reason, the rules said we had to and so we did. The root of the problem lies in Americans Elect’s complex and high thresholds for candidates to be on the ballots. Finally, no candidates, drafted or declared, was elgibile to be on the ballot. So, according to the rules, Americans Elect should shut down. But, Americans Elect said that there were many people, i.e. supporters, politicians, etc., that wanted Americans Elect to continue. The CEO said that they would have conversations with supporters and their decision would come on Thursday. Finally, it came. Americans Elect said that they will continue to reach their goals of getting a viable third-party candidate. It is unsure how they will to do that. TKNN has reached out to them.

The top candidate on Americans Elect was former Governor of Louisiana, Buddy Roemer. Govenor Roemer had tried at the Republican nomination, but failed to gain any traction. TKNN reached out to Governor Roemer’s campaign for comment, but has not gotten a response. Governor Roemer is also seeking the nomination of the Reform Party and the Modern Whig Party.

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