Is Americans Elect Down For The Count?

As we have previously reported, Americans Elect has had trouble getting a candidate, or any candidates. There are no candidates eligible for the caucuses, primaries, or the Americans Elect Online Convention in June. Due to high thresholds, there are no candidates that are eligible for nomination. A candidate’s threshold is decided by a panel and is based on experience levels. Some candidates, like Buddy Roemer, need 1,000 supporters in 10 states; while others need 5,000 in 10 states. No candidates have even reached 10,000 supporters overall. On Americans Elect, candidates can be declared, meaning they are seeking the nomination, or there can be drafted candidates. One of the highest profile candidates is Buddy Roemer, who is also seeking the nomination of several other parties in order to create a coalition. The former governor is known because he tried at the Republican nomination. But, he dropped out after failing to gain traction. The original caucus date was May 8, but since no candidates were eligible, it was pushed to today. But, still, no candidates were eligible, prompting an email from CEO Kahlil Byrd. CEO Byrd said that rules would have forced Americans Elect to shut down, but massive support is why they’re not. The CEO said she is having conversations with supporters on what to do, and a decision will come on Thursday, May 17. Buddy Roemer tweeted his response to the story, “Americans Elect is not over yet. On Thursday a decision will be made on how to proceed.”

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