Gary Johnson Clinches Libertarian Nomination

Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson has clinched the Libertarian nomination. Governor Johnson had made a run at the Republican nomination, but failed to get over 1% and therefore only participated in two debates, both sponsored by Fox News. Governor Johnson also got attention to make online poker and marijuana legal. After failing to become prominent in the GOP, Gov. Johnson left to seek the Libertarian nomination. He won the nomination on the first ballot, with over 70% of the vote. Governor Johnson was also the part of a hoax that MSNBC fell victim to, when Rachael Maddow falsely reported that Johnson was dropping out and endorsing Ron Paul. Rep. Ron Paul was formerly a Libertarian, was a Libertarian nominee, and still holds many of their ideals. Gary Johnson said that his goal is to get over 15% in the polls to participate in the debates. If the Libertarian Party gets over 5% of the official vote, they qualify for federal funding next time.

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