Tea Party Centers In On Senate

The Tea Party, which brought the Republican Party historic gains in Congress in 2010, has began focusing in on the U.S. Senate. Disenfranchised by the presidential race, where many are unhappy with Mitt Romney, they have started trying to eliminate senior members of the Republican side, and turn some states red. One race would be in Indiana, where Sen. Richard Lugar narrowly lost the convention vote, and will have to face off in a primary. His opponent has been endorsed by the Tea Party and several other conservative groups. This race has pitted Sarah Palin against Sen. John McCain. Another race would be in Utah, where the Tea Party tried to unseat Sen. Orrin Hatch. In both attempts, the Tea Party was unsuccessful, but successful enough to force the incumbents into a primary. The Democratic Party could have trouble keeping their majorities because they are defending seats they won in 2006, when they were boosted by the DNC’s fifty-state strategy. However, the Tea Party’s unwillingness to compromise and extreme right-wing policies have contributed to their favorability ratings falling.

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