PA’s Hot Race Gets Better For Cartwright

One primary that many analysts are watching is Pennsylvania’s 17 Congressional District. Ten-term incumbent, Tim Holden, is running for re-election, but local lawyer, Matt Cartwright, is running against him. The race is very close, and extremely negative. Some say that Tim Holden makes Mitt Romney’s campaign look nice. The race has pitted the Democratic Party’s establishment versus the progressives. Former Governor Rendell, and many others, have endorsed Tim Holden. However, many newspapers; MoveOn; and progressives have endorsed Matt Cartwright. Many argue that Tim Holden is too conservative to be a Democrat. On Sunday, three newspapers endorsed Matt Cartwright, one of their reasons? Tim Holden was too negative. Tim Holden often attacked Matt Cartwright’s personal life. While Matt Cartwright has had negative ads, this is a political campaign after all, he has focused on Rep. Holden’s record. On Tuesday we’ll find out which way worked.

TKNN will be covering Pennsylvania’s primary, as there are many high-profile races.

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