Race Tightens In Michigan As Clock Ticks


There are four days until the Michigan and Arizona primaries. In Michigan, the race is becoming increasingly tight. Most polls still show Rick Santorum leading, but his edge is disappearing. Michigan is a crucial state for Mitt Romney, as that was his home state. Mitt Romney’s father was also a governor and auto executive in the state.
Mitt Romney introduced his economic plan at the Detroit Economic Club. Instead of filling the stadium seats, attendees sat in chairs in the field. People have been laughing at the campaign for their less than average crowd size. Mitt Romney did make jokes about the crowd size, at one point saying that a majority of clapping was coming from his family.
Rick Santorum is continuing to attack Mitt Romney. In a CNN interview, Rick Santorum aligned Mitt Romney with the left. Rick Santorum’s problems are not just in Michigan, his national poll advantage has fallen to six points over Mitt Romney. Even if Rick loses Michigan and Arizona, he may not have to wait too long to have another win. Rick Santorum is expected to win in Ohio, which holds its primary on Super Tuesday.

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