Fighting Fire With Fire

Debates are one way Newt Gingrich adds power to his campaign. They are the reason behind both of his nationwide surges. Now, his opponents are fighting his firepower with fire, or no debates. When CNN wanted to hold another debate, Gingrich was the only one that said yes. CNN, in response, canceled the debate. Newt Gingrich then proceeded to call Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney chickens. Newt then said that if they can’t debate him, there was no way they could debate President Obama. Newt Gingrich has widely been received as one of the strongest debaters in the race, often acting above the bickering and invoking history. But, this could be put to a halt, when Newt Gingrich desperately needs it, as Super Tuesday is quickly approaching and he is betting his campaign’s future on the day. More specifically, the Gingrich campaign is betting on Georgia, the state Newt Gingrich represented in Congress, which has the biggest amount of delegates of Super Tuesday.

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