Is Mitt Romney’s Support Base One or the Other?

Mitt Romney winning the CPAC straw poll, possibly answered one of the big questions people had about his campaign, whether or not he could appeal to conservatives. However as Mitt Romney’s standing with conservatives as improved, his standing with independents has worsened. When candidates, such as Newt Gingrich, say he was moderate, even liberal, he was tied with President Obama. But, as Mitt Romney began to win over conservatives, the latest hypothetical match-up between him and President Obama has him losing by nine percentage points. However, the question becomes, is Mitt Romney becoming conservative, or the last choice? If it’s the first one, he could be in some trouble. Also, a big group of his supporters support him because they feel he can beat President Obama in November. Mitt Romney’s main point is the President’s handling of the economy. But, as President Obama’s standing on the economy, and the economy itself, has improved, Mitt Romney could be losing his advantage. That could be good for other candidates, such as Rick Santorum, who attack President Obama on other issues.

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