Florida Is Turning Into Mitt Romney’s To Lose

With Florida’s primary tomorrow, the chances are increasingly likely that Mitt Romney will win Florida’s winner-take-all, fifty delegate primary. The newest poll has Mitt Romney having a fourteen point lead. However, there are some events that are taking place which increase the possibility that Newt Gingrich will do better than expected, and possibly win. The first is that Ron Paul are Rick Santorum are dropping out, of Florida. Both are admitting they do not have the money to compete in the huge media state. The reason that Florida is a winner-take-all state makes more candidates uneasy about spending money in the state, especially if they are not doing well in the polls. The loss of the two candidates could possibly benefit Gingrich. The second event is that a crop of major conservatives are campaigning for Gingrich. These candidates include Michael Reagan, the son of late President Reagan, and Herman Cain, a former presidential candidate. These events are favorable to Newt Gingrich, but do not mean a win.

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