Herman Cain Endorses

Herman Cain has endorsed former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Herman Cain, who ended his campaign last year, made an endorsement before the South Carolina primary. Herman Caun said that since he ran an unorthodox campaign, he would make an unorthodox endorsement. His endorsement was “we the people.” He said that he wanted to stress the importance of the American people in the electoral process. Now as Mitt Romney seems to be surging in Florida as the winner-take-all primary is days away. It is unsure how much Herman Cain’s endorsement will matter since most of his supporters would have chosen a candidate already. Especially since there are only four candidates left and some primaries/caucuses have already happened. However, in South Carolina Herman Cain got 1%, after getting Stephen Colbert’s “endorsement.”

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