With A Gingrich WIn, Things Get Interesting

Now that Newt Gingrich has won South Carolina, we are faced with a completely different political landscape than we thought we had. We have had three different elections and three different candidates. It now seems that Newt Gingrich is taking another turn as the flavor of the week, and Mitt Romney seems to have another real threat on his hands. Last time Newt Gingrich had a surge he topped Mitt Romney in the polls. Mitt Romney’s camp took him as a true threat and started pounding him. Even the DNC realized that Newt Gingrich had potential and started running ads against him. Newt was the only candidate besides Mitt that had DNC ads against him. Now Mitt Romney has a real threat against him again with Newt Gingrich’s surge coming at the perfect time. With only Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich vying for the conservative vote, they both benefit. They both have done good in the polls, and if one candidate, most likely Rick Santorum, were to drop out if propel the remaining candidate to possibly win and be more competitive in the primaries. Now instead of looking at the next primary, we look at who’s going to drop out next. We now have four candidates, but we could see this going down to 2 candidates and that could mean trouble for Mitt Romney.

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