After Iowa

The Iowa Caucus has finished and the effects have happened. Michele Bachmann has suspended her campaign due to a sixth place finish in Iowa, where she was born. Rick Perry has decided not to drop out and will continue on to South Carolina. Rick Santorum is beginning to get looked at more after a huge victory in Iowa. The 2012 Republican field is beginning to develop. So let’s begin.

  1. Michele Bachmann has decided to suspend her campaign. The Minnesota congresswoman had decided to effectively drop out of the race after a huge loss in Iowa. Michele Bachmann won the Ames Straw Poll last year, and invested in Iowa heavily. She was the second and one of two candidates that visited all 99 counties in Iowa. The other candidate was Rick Santorum.
  2. Rick Perry, after saying yesterday that he was reassessing his campaign, has decided to stay in the campaign race. Rick Perry has said that he is heading to South Carolina. It is currently unknown whether or not he will go to New Hampshire for its primary. New Hampshire’s primary is the next one.
  3. Even though it technically lost the Iowa Caucus, Rick Santorum is being called the winner of the Iowa Caucus. Rick Santorum was for a long time at the bottom of polls before rising in the last few weeks. His plan, for the Iowa Caucus to propel him, seems to be partly working. It is unclear whether or not Rick Santorum has been rising in New Hampshire’s polls, but he has new momentum and his stances are being exposed to more people.

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