Karl Rove Predicts A Romney Win

Karl Rove, the former George W. Bush advisor, is predicting a Romney win. He says that Mitt Romney will win with at least 279 electoral votes, and that the win will come thanks to Election Day turnout. Karl Rove also says that Republicans are also winning the early voting race, especially in Ohio. While most polls show President Obama ahead in the Buckeye State, Karl Rove says that the Republican turnout program is larger than 2004, and that ensures a win. Karl Rove made the prediction in the Wall Street Journal.

Even though, George W. Bush has been out of office for almost four years, Karl Rove remains in the political spotlight. Besides his regular appearances on Fox News, Karl Rove also runs Crossroads. Crossroads is a political group, and has a super PAC, Crossroads GPS. The super PAC has invested on behalf of Romney and several Senate candidates in multiple states.

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