Gallup Suspends Daily Tracking Poll for Second Day

The Gallup organization has suspended its daily tracking polls for the second day in a row. The decision came as a result of Superstorm Sandy. Gallup’s polling results have been under scrutiny recently. Critics claim that the results have been enlarging Romney’s lead, as many other polls show a razor-thin race.

Gallup released the following statement,

“Gallup will not conduct daily tracking surveys for a second night, Tuesday, Oct. 30, due to the ongoing effects of Superstorm Sandy and will continue to reassess the situation on a day-to-day basis. Gallup will provide an update on Wednesday about plans from that point forward.”

One other notable time Gallup suspended its daily tracking service was in 1948, when a tight race caused George Gallup to suspend tracking in order to save money. Later, his results were wrong, when on Election Day, President Truman won over Thomas Dewey. Gallup’s results showed a Dewey win by five to fifteen points.

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