Why Likeability Over the Economy Works Both Ways

In the past months, as the economy was terrible in the minds of voters, likeability allowed President Obama to stay ahead. Even though the economy was the top issue, likeability was the tiebreaker. President Obama’s efforts to portray Mitt Romney as elitist, corporate raider were working making President Obama appear better than Mitt Romney. This was useful as voters were tied among who would be better for economy. But this was alot more effective as the unemployment rate was over 8%, as Mitt Romney tried to be Mr. Fix-It for the economy. However, this is working against the Obama campaign as the unemployment rate is at the same level as January 2009, and more people are feeling optimistic. Ideally, Mitt Romney should have been creaming President Obama, but President Obama should be making gains.  7.8% is still too high to be claiming “Mission Accomplished” on the economy. But, they can now start claiming that President Obama’s policies are working, and Mitt Romney will hinder the recovery.

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