Why Not to Be Aggressive

Recently, since President Obama’s disastrous debate, pundits have been saying that he must be more aggressive in his second debate. While President Obama must be more aggressive, he doesn’t have to be, nor should be, aggressive. If you look at the dial tests during the debate, the most disliked parts were when the candidates got aggressive. If President Obama is too aggressive, he comes off as mean, or even desperate. It almost brings back memories of 2008, when Sen. John McCain was attacking the Senator as Barack Obama called for bipartisanship. Also, being aggressive is difficult in the town hall debates, and not the goal. In a town hall debate, you want to be the opposite of aggressive, you want to be sensitive. You want the people to think you feel their pain. The question is whether or not either of them can. The stakes are higher for Mitt Romney, as he has been called stiff, or likened to cardboard. So, when pundits say President Obama must be aggressive, they’re forgetting the word “more.”

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