Is President Obama Pulling Away?

Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll from Sunday, shows President Obama had an advantage of 49%-46% against Mitt Romney. This is a highest gap with likely voters since March, when the Republican primaries were still going on. The race is usually tighter with likely voters. Rasmussen says the bounce started after former President Bill Clinton’s speech, which CNN Republican strategist Alex Castellanos said won the race for President Obama. If the polls start showing President Obama pulling away, Mitt Romney would need a stellar performance at the debates to end it.

Rasmussen is not the only one to show a convention bounce. Gallup had shown that President Obama’s approval rating jumped to 52%, the highest since the killing of Osama bin Laden. But, it is now down to 50%. Gallup’s daily tracking of the election shows President Obama having a 49%-44% lead of Mitt Romney.

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