Does President Obama Need Virginia?

A recent poll has the race in Virginia all tied up, however today polling was released that gave President Obama a big advantage in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Those are all states that considered battleground states, or ticked-to-victory states. Many said Virginia would go to President Obama, but with these new polls, it may not, nor may it matter. Of course, with the election months away, this is all hypothetical. Under election scenarios run by TKNN, Virginia may not matter. If President Obama wins Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, he would win re-election. President Obama also wins Colorado, Nevada, and New Hampshire. Mitt Romney wins North Carolina in addition to Virginia. Florida is considered the hardest for President Obama win out of the three, but he may not need it. If you keep all the results the same except for Florida, giving it to Mitt Romney, President Obama still wins.

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