President Obama Appears In Massachusetts For Campaigning and Cash

President Obama was in Massachusetts today appearing at a campaign event and a fundraiser. He was introduced at the campaign event by Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren is currently in a dead-heat race against Senator Scott Brown. Elizabeth Warren also worked for the Obama Administration, helping to set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In a traditionally blue state, such as Massachusetts, President Obama can be a big help. Some polls show that Elizabeth Warren may need to work harder to get all the President’s supporters. However, she has the backing of the boss, and several progressive groups, such as MoveOn. In her introduction speech, Elizabeth Warren attacked Mitt Romney for his remark that corporations were people.

President Obama also struck a nerve in Boston, joking to a crowd at a fundraiser. He thanked Boston for Youkilis. Kevin Youkilis is a former Boston Red Sox player who was traded to the Chicago White Sox on Sunday. The White Sox are President Obama’s favorite baseball team. Some of President Obama’s jokes on the subject got boos, but all seemed forgiven later. A woman yelled, “We still love you.”

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