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As 2012 is around the corner, a lot of election news has developed.

Virginia Announces Who’s On The Primary Ballot

The Virginia Republican Party has announced who is on the ballot for the March 6 primary. Frontrunner Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry are not going to be on the ballot because they did not submit the necessary amount of voter signatures. Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are going to be on the ballot.

The Trump Ditches The Republicans

Donald Trump, who used to the Republicans’ favorite son, has switched his party affiliation. No, he isn’t a Democrat, he’s unaffiliated. This new affiliation means that Donald Trump can not vote in New York’s Republican primary. This is the latest move by Donald Trump to show that he may run for President as an independent. Recently he dropped out of the Newsmax Republican debate as a moderator. Donald Trump earlier this year said that he won’t seek the Republican nomination because he wanted to keep doing the The Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump said that he may run after the next season of Celebrity Apprentice ends if he isn’t happy with the Republican nominee.

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