Daily Briefing for October 8, 2012

Hello, and welcome to the Daily Briefing for October 8, 2012. Now, today our top stories are:

Mitt Romney Has A Major Foreign Policy Speech.
Mitt Romney Has A Nationwide Debate Bump.
President Obama Answers Questions for Kids.

Now its time for our Short and Sweet Stories, our tops stories condensed.

Today, Mitt Romney delivered a major foreign policy address at the Virginia Military Institute. He attacked the President on his handling of foreign affairs, especially the Middle East. He said President Obama has made us less safe, and that American leadership is needed. Experts are criticizing the speech for a lack of specifics, and for being too vague.

The newest poll from Pew Research, has Mitt Romney up four percentage points. The new advantage has erased the eight point advantage President Obama had in the last poll. The new poll shows the bump Mitt Romney has received due in large part from the debate. This Thursday, Rep. Paul Ryan and Vice President Biden are meeting for their first and only debate.

Only President Obama has answered questions from America’s kids for Nickelodeon’s Kids Pick the President. The questions range from immigration to embarrassment. The Romney campaign says Mitt Romney was not able to take time out of schedule. Back in 2008, both Senators Obama and McCain answered questions. The Nickelodeon special has picked the correct winner in five of the last six elections.

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