Daily Briefing for September 25, 2012

Hello, and welcome to the Daily Briefing for September 25, 2012. Today, our top stories are:

It was a busy day for the candidates.
Today is the deadline for Todd Akin.
A new poll shows good news for Democrats in Nevada.
Now, it’s time for our Short and Sweet Stories, our top stories condensed.
Today, President Obama was at NBC, the View, the U.N., and the Clinton Global Initiative. While Mitt Romney was at the CGI and the NBC. President Obama’s appearance was taped for the View. While Mitt Romney spoke to NBC’s Brian Williams  about education.
Today is the deadline for Rep. Todd Akin to drop out of the Missouri Senate race. However, Rep. Akin is pushing forward in his quest to unseat Senator Claire McCaskill. Many Republicans called on Rep. Akin to drop out after he said that legitimate rape doesn’t cause pregnancy. Sources are saying that Democrats plan on annihilating Rep. Akin with his comments once he can’t leave.
Shelley Berkeley is up four points over Sen. Dean Heller. Both races are very close in most polls. Sen. Heller was selected to finish out Sen. John Ensign’s Senate term after he resigned. Sen. Heller also recently criticized Mitt Romney over his “47%” remarks.
Well, thank you for joining us on Daily Briefing, please join us again next week.

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