Daily Briefing for September 12, 2012

Hello, and welcome to the Daily Briefing for September 12, 2012. Now, today our top stories are:

The ambassador to Libya has been killed.
Sources are saying the attack was planned out.
Jim Cramer weighs in on the voter ID laws.

Now its time for our Short and Sweet Stories, our top stories condensed.

In an attack at the American embassy in Libya yesterday, Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed along with four other people. The Libyans were protesting an online film that was against the prophet Mohammed. There was a similar attack in Egypt, where protesters stormed the American embassy, and replaced the American flags.

Sources are saying that the attacks at the American embassy in Libya. The storming of the embassy was a distraction, while the killing was taken out. Ambassador Stevens had been in a safe room, which was set on fire. He managed to get out, but the smoke he inhaled caused him to die.

CNBC anchor Jim Cramer has weighed in on Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law. His father, a vet, doesn’t have any of the needed forms of ID, and can’t prove his citizenship. Republicans say that people can go to PennDOT, however Cramer says his father, who’s 90 years old, waited there until he couldn’t any longer. However, Cramer’s father will be able to vote as the reaction on Twitter caused PENNDot to intervene.

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