Daily Briefing for August 22, 2012

Hello and welcome to the Daily Briefing for August 22, 2012. Now today our top stories are:

Rep. Akin vows to fight on, and take on party bosses.
Gamers are taking Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s fight to a new level.
If you’re watching NBC, ABC, or CBS, you won’t see Ann Romney’s speech.
Now its time for our Short and Sweet Stories, our top stories condensed.
Rep. Todd Akin appeared on Good Morning America today, and vowed to take on the party bosses, and fight on. High-profile Republicans such as Mitt Romney, Chairman Reince Priebus, and vice presidential contender Rep. Paul Ryan have all asked and called on Rep. Akin to drop out of the Senate race, but Rep. Akin says he staying in because that’s what Missourians want. That is also something Sen. Claire McCaskill, who Rep. Akin is challenging, has said the same thing. Rep. Akin also has to fight most of the race by himself as the NRSC and Republicans super pacs have ceased spending in the race.
The makers of the iOS game Infinity Blade are taking fighting to politics. Today, Chair Entertainment announced Vote: The Game, which pits Mitt Romney and Barack Obama to duke it out. The game is a cartoon of course, and makes it a little more fun by adding props and costumes. Rock the Vote, Epic, and Chair Entertainment all collaborated on the game, and players can register to vote directly in the game.
If you’re planning on watching the Ann Romney’s speech during the opening night of the Republican National Convention, I guess you’ll be watching CNN. ABC, NBC, and CBS have all opted to only carry three hours on the opening day, and primetime is not part of it. CNN has announced they will be carrying the entire convention, but Mitt Romney’s campaign is reportedly talking about moving Ann Romney’s address. Remember, stick with TKNN for coverage of the Republican convention.
Well, that wraps up this Daily Briefing, please join us again tomorrow.

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