Daily Briefing for August 13, 2012

Hello, and welcome to the Daily Briefing for August 13, 2012. Now today our top stories are:

Candy Crowley to moderate a debate.
Rep. Ryan is campaigning solo.
New poll reveals the response to the Ryan pick.

Now it’s time for our Short and Sweet Stories, our top stories condensed.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has announced the moderators for the presidential debates and vice presidential debate. CNN’s Candy Crowley will be moderating the second presidential debate, and is only the second woman to be a presidential moderator. The other presidential moderators are Bob Schieffer of CBS News and Jim Lehrer of PBS News. Martha Raddatz of ABC News will be moderating the vice presidential debate between Vice President Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan.

Rep. Paul Ryan is now campaigning by himself. At an appearance at the Iowa State Fair, Paul Ryan faced some hecklers, who were later removed. The two plan on campaigning separately until the convention to make as much ground as possible.

A new USA Today/Gallup poll shows 39% of Americans think the Ryan’s choice is an excellent or pretty good one. 42% of respondents said the choice was only fair or poor. More respondents answered negatively than Sarah Palin in 2008. The only person to get a higher negative rating was Dan Quayle in 1988.

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