The GOP Moderates’ “Revolt” Explained

shutdownToday, news broke out that moderate House Republicans were planning to gather votes against a procedural measure that would add a delay of Obamacare’s individual mandate for a year. This was considered the last stand of the House Republicans to keep the government open. However, anything against Obamacare has no future in the Democratic-controlled Senate. Therefore, moderate Republicans saw an opening. They believed they could find enough moderates to vote against adding the individual mandate amendment to the continuing resolution. With Democrats’ 200 votes, they would need eighteen votes to defeat the amendment. With the amendment defeated, the continuing resolution would come up for a vote the same as the Senate’s. With a bipartisan, viable continuing resolution up for a vote, the thinking was that Republicans and Democrats would join in supporting it. Then a government shutdown would be avoided.

However, the plan never got that far when the Obamacare amendment passed. Only six Republicans voted against the measure. They were Reps. Bachmann, Broun, Dent, Gohmert, Steve King, and Peter King.

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