House Freedom Caucus Endorses Webster for Speaker.

  The House of Representative’s Freedom Caucus has endorsed Daniel Webster (R-Fla.) for Speaker.

“Last night we had productive exchanges with all of the Speaker candidates. We appreciated the opportunity to hear our colleagues’ visions for how they would lead our Conference and the House.” said a statement by the Caucus.

The Caucus had said that their strategy was to block Rep. Kevin McCarthy from the Speaker seat. The backing will cause some issues for McCarthy.

“I think he’s over the 200 hump, but that’s not the hump,” said Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) a McCarthy supporter.

McCarthy is expected to get about 125 votes.

Webster combined with Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) could take up to 30 votes from McCarthy.

“Getting a majority of the conference for Speaker is not the answer. He’s got to get to 218 on the floor,” said one leader of the Freedom Caucus, which had pressured Boehner to resign. “There is speculation among many that the only way that Kevin McCarthy ever gets 218 on the floor is if there are different people in leadership.”

The nominating process will occur Thursday.

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