Speaker’s Office Issues Punny Press Release

This week, the Library of Congress announced it will be honoring singer and songwriter, Billy Joel. Joel is also in Washington this week for a concert at Nationals Park. In response, the office of Speaker Boehner sent out a press release about the economic recovery with a Billy Joel theme.

The American people have been asking ‘where are the jobs’ “For the Longest Time,” as we find ourselves in the middle of the worst ‘recovery’ for jobs ever.
-Yet the president just has to be a “Big Shot,” bragging about his policies when Americans are having a tough time.
-No, “We Didn’t Start the Fire” of uncertainty that has small businesses in Southwest Ohio and nationwide struggling under ObamaCare.
-And a student coming out of college trying to find a job has every right to be an “Angry Young Man” about this economy.
-On top of all this, the president’s “Shameless” push for ‘economic patriotism’ would just make things worse, with even more jobs “Movin’ Out” of the country.
-For our part, Republicans are “Keeping the Faith” with hardworking taxpayers, passing more good jobs bills and putting “Pressure” on Senate Democrats to act.
-“Don’t Ask Me Why” they haven’t acted on these 10 bills that have broad bipartisan support, but hey, “The Night Is Still Young.”
-(To be fair, they did admit “You May Be Right” about the need to “bring jobs home.”)
-We’re also focused on openness and transparency to provide greater scrutiny of jobs and spending bills, because it’s always been “A Matter of Trust.”
-And getting a good-paying job can be “All About Soul,” and all about skills, which is an area where we made real progress this week for America’s workers.
-“This Is The Time” to act on more solutions that will get government out of the way so our economy can grow.
-So “Say Goodbye to Hollywood,” Mr. President, and work with us to help grow the middle class and expand opportunity for everyone, from the “Piano Man” to the “Uptown Girl.”
-And P.S., “Vienna” may wait for you, Mr. Vice President, but it’s got nothing on Cincinnati, a city of good jobs and great chili.

Billy Joel has donated money to Democratic candidates and played at a fundraiser for the 2008 Obama campaign. Although, he has never publicly said that he is a member of the Democratic Party.

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