Sen. Manchin Responding to NRA Ad


Recently, the National Rifle Association launched an attack ad against Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) in his home state. The ad was against a former ally of theirs, and seen as revenge for Manchin going against them. Joe Manchin had worked with Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, another former NRA ally, to get a compromise on background checks. The NRA opposed the measure and said that legislators’ votes would be graded. Now, Sen. Manchin is fighting back against the NRA. A new ad is currently being produced using his campaign’s money that will fight back against the NRA’s ads that have been running and accuse him of betraying the 2nd Amendment and going against his promise to fight for gun rights. An aide that spoke to Politico said that the ad buy would equal that of the NRA and be running soon.

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