SC Special Election: No Republican Winner


TKNN has projected that Elizabeth Colbert-Busch will win the Democratic primary for the South Carolina Democratic primary. The businesswoman, and sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, will not know her opponent for a few more weeks, though. No Republican has gotten over 50% in the primary, with 99% of the results in, which will lead to a runoff scheduled for April 2.

However, TKNN can project that former Governor Mark Sanford will get one of the two slots, with 37% of the vote. Who will get the second spot is less clear, though. Larry Grooms and Curtis Bostic are currently battling for second place with seven-tenths of a percentage point separating them. South Carolina law says that point differences under one percent must be recounted. This could make it tough for one of the two to beat Sanford.

However, if Bostic were to get second place, he could be a formidable challenger to Sanford. Even though Sanford is the favorite, he still is having trouble with religious voters due his cheating on his wife. Bostic is very connected to the South Carolina church community, along with social conservatives, which could challenge Sanford. While Sanford is trying to seek forgiveness, Bostic is making an issue out of it.

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