Speaker Boehner’s Senate-First Strategy

houseOver the past two years, the House has passed the Republican legislation, while the Senate, attempted to anyway, passed the Democratic legislation. They did not take up each other’s legislation, and there has been no reconciliation process. Since Democrats control the Presidency and the Senate, the public has placed most of the blame on the House Republicans for a lack of compromise. Now, Speaker Boehner intends to put all of the responsibility on Democrats. The goal, to have anything politically dangerous handled by the Democrats. The Violence Against Women Act, passed by the Senate. The fiscal cliff deal? Through the Senate first. Speaker Boehner has openly said that he feels he has done his part for the major issues, and it is now time for the Senate to pass legislation.

The days have passed where Obamacare is repealed for the show of it, and pampering to the Tea Party was more important than polling. As the Republican Party is undergoing a civil war to decide its direction, Speaker Boehner is doing his part. He is attempting to restore the image of Washington Republicans, and embrace more of a populist agenda. They are emphasizing measures such as tax cuts, less regulation, and getting the budget under control. But, they are now also attempting to link any legislation to the middle class. In the past, when they would attempt to repeal regulation, people didn’t know what the regulation was. Now, the Republicans are pointing it out to them.

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