Immigration Deal Shows What Compromise Will Look Like

Over the past few months and years, compromise has been a dirty word. Fueled by Tea Party Republicans and Progressive Democrats, compromise has been rarer and rarer, and bipartisanship was just a story to tell. Any compromises that were reached, they were between the moderates of both parties, and pleased almost no one. However, as we have seen with the immigration deal, compromise is getting a reboot. Compromises will most likely now please the extremes of both sides, while still being a compromise. With the immigration deal, Democrats get a path to citizenship, while Republicans get increased border security. This new compromising strategy comes not out of desperation, but because of different players. The Senate has been getting more extreme over the years, with Senators such as Elizabeth Warren and Rand Paul. Now, they are the ones doing the dealmaking, instead of the moderates. This means that deals will please more people, and be more likely to pass.

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