Was the House Coup Almost Real?


Reporting is now saying that the attempted coup in the House was bigger than expected. An informal group was started by House Republicans to oust Speaker Boehner. The group was reportedly led by Rep. Justin Amash, who was one of the Republicans booted from key committees. The ousted Republicans alleged that Speaker Boehner had a secret scorecard. Justin Amash also did not end up voting for Speaker Boehner, and received a vote himself. The group had a self-made threshold of 25 members, which was more than needed to get the Speakership voting to a second ballot. However, roughly an hour before voting, the twenty-fifth member dropped out. The rest of the group was then allowed to vote however they pleased. The group had no select person to vote for, as potential candidates declined to take part. In the end, Speaker Boehner was re-elected, but with just two more votes than needed.

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