DSCC and Kerry Endorse Possible Successor


As John Kerry has been nominated to be the Secretary of State for President Obama’s second term. Now, Democrats are hoping to keep the seat in their hands, and are trying to have as painless a process as possible. One of the ways they are attempting to do that is by unilaterally endorsing a candidate for the primary, in the hopes of preventing a damaging campaign. Many Democrats, including the Democrat’s Senate campaign and the Senator himself, have endorsed the dean of the Massachusetts congregation, Rep. Ed Markey. Democrats are trying to prevent a repeat of the last special election in Massachusetts, when a little-known Republican state-senator named Scott Brown won. Scott Brown is widely expected to run for the Republican nomination, which he would face little, if any, opposition in. Who would win is still anybody’s guess. It also important to note that Sen. John Kerry has not been nominated yet. But, Republican Senators pushed for him, and he is expected to easily pass through confirmation. Once Sen. Kerry is confirmed, he must resign his seat before taking on his new role.

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