Two Opinions from Republicans about Fiscal Cliff

There are two major opinions from Republicans; one can make compromise easier, the other could make it more difficult. The first opinion is that Republicans should concede on taxes for the richest and focus on other topics, such as entitlement reform. The other opinion is that Republicans can use the debt ceiling as leverage, President Obama in his proposal outlined an increase in the debt ceiling. Now, the interesting thing is that both of these statements come from Tennessee Senator Bob Corker. Now, while many Republicans have gone with one statement or the other, Sen. Corker has said both. Fellow Senators Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and numerous Republican House members have signaled a willingness to raise taxes on the top 2%. While these are several of the high-profile members to announce their stand, many members still feel that no taxes should be raised, and that entitlement reform should be brought up anyway.

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